First Ascent


Worked with Seattle based creative agency Copacino+Fujikado to help Eddie Bauer develop and launch a halo brand called First Ascent. We dug deep into contemporary climbing and outdoor sports culture to develop a new, fresh context for a brand with a deep, but often overlooked heritage in the history of outdoor endeavors. 

We looked at various positioning and brand identity constructs in search of a powerful expression to fuel a bold new product effort. The work below is a look at the creative development and exploration process that generated numerous successful brand ideas, creative elements and components that went on to support and sustain what has become an iconic presence in the outdoor community.  

In the end, simple utility and truth resonated strongly in our community with the expression of
“Guide Built. Guide Trusted”


First Ascent Identity Brand Design 10.jpg
First Ascent Identity Brand Design 10.jpg