Adventures In Business

Cryder Makes is the Bellingham-based studio of Creative Director Nicholas Cryder.

Nicholas Cryder is a multidisciplinary creative director based out of Bellingham, Washington offering strategically driven integrated branding services and consultation to a variety of global consumer product brands, startups and mostly nice people.

Like Mr. Sparrow.

"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem." -Jack Sparrow

"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem." -Jack Sparrow


I have a thing for problems.

They are often in the company of very good ideas.

Before Don Draper graced my career, the average coffee line acquaintance offered me a puzzled look when I answered the inevitable question "so what do you do?". Truth be told, it wasn't exactly an easy question to answer (Creative Directors do many different things) and tended to lead to even more questions and puzzled looks because, honestly... we're slippery devils and we're not always certain ourselves.

Friends and family knew I worked in ad agencies, traveled a lot to make commercials or to do photo shoots with celebs. They also knew that I often worked all nighters and that I am supremely snobbish about advertising (I hate 99.9% of what I see, including most of my own work). I found myself a corporate slave in a strangely glamorous career, yet I didn't embrace it's value system. It became my mission to break free of the expectations (and cliches, no thank you Mr. Draper) that made me so miserable while doing something I fundamentally loved. 

It is not what you look at. But what you see.
— Henry Thoreau

Taking a step back from my pursuit of survival and success provoked a fight with my career that forced me to grapple with big hairy existential questions while trying to uncover what my purpose was as a creative soul navigating a corporate world. 

Adventure in Business

The answers where there, staring down my inherited expectations in the face. I knew that I liked collaborating with lots of different types of people, especially those who think differently then I do. And that I like to solve problems for those with missions I care about. I also knew that I resisted being labeled and type-cast like a cat in the bath and that answering "who, what, when and where?" never means as much as "why?". But most of all I embraced a deep seated desire for adventures in business. I started saying "no thank you" in order to invest my precious supply of "yes!" to work on expeditions that would push me to break new ground and break free of predetermined outcomes that often lead to faulty and repetitive work. Invention and reinvention became central to executing my creative purpose and armed me to do some good in the world at the same time.

Nicholas is a gifted creative leader. He brings passion, drive and energy to every project—pushing himself, the team and his clients to think bigger, be bolder...
— Ben Steele, SVP Chief Creative Officer at REI

On any given day in the business landscape you might find me in the boardroom or the mailroom. Doing what I do, helping people solve their best problems. 

If that's how you'd like to work, let's connect.

We might find something good to do. 

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Awards & Recognition —

Obie Awards

One Show Finalist

IMA Interactive Awards

Communication Arts, Creative Showcase

Kelly Award Winner


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Graphis Design Annual

Numerous Webby’s

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Contributing Artist, Climbing Magazine

Contributing Artist, Alpinist Magazine

Judge, BMA Awards

Featured Artist, Milkcrate Magazine

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IP Research & Development
Integrated Brand Strategy
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Creative Direction
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