Goal Zero


Cryder Makes partnered with outdoor battery and solar startup Goal Zero to develop their first integrated brand and advertising initiative. Goal Zero CMO Chris Meek had this to say about our work together:

"Our challenge was to take common battery usage and abstract solar technology and deliver it in a package that was relevant, cool, aspirational, and authentic to the outdoor lifestyle - and as a premium brand concept. After an extensive search through the portfolios of some of the world's greatest agencies it was the work of Cryder Makes that stood out.

By executing with a keen awareness of the touch points that influence consumer behavior. The ability to distill emotional and intellectual values into creative, results in campaigns that connect with consumers far beyond price point; at a level where iconic differentiation, adoption and loyalty begin. From re-branding in turn-around to creating brand platforms and campaigns for start-ups. Cryder is one of the few holistically gifted brand builders whose work is unparalleled..."

Awwww, shucks guys.